Desserts to pair with Methode Cap Classique

Life’s uncertain eat dessert first—but make sure you do so with charged glasses of Môreson Cap Classique.

It’s a well-known assumption that bubbly goes well with desserts, and we can attest to conducting many of our own taste experiments. But what sweet treats go best with what style of bubbly?


Our number one choice is a soufflé from Bread & Wine paired with Môreson Solitaire. The light, dreamy texture of the soufflé complements the biscuit-y flavour profile of the MCC.


Match the taste of strawberries and cream in the Môreson Pink, with a big bowl of strawberries and cream.


Cut yourself a big slice of citrus cheesecake to go with the Miss Molly Bubbly, with its zingy flavours of lemon and lime and hints of pineapple.

Think rich, ripe pomegranates for the Miss Molly Petit Rosé. Try your hand at this pomegranate panna cotta.