Snoopy 'The Poop' Friedman

Dear Snoopy,

We miss you more than words can explain … When we met you 13 years ago we had no idea how big a part you'd play in all our lives. You were more human than dog. 

A world-class hypochondriac; there was no ailment - until recently - that a bandage roll, some Arnica and a lot of love couldn't cure.

You were, and will always be in our hearts and minds, the most fabulously-flamboyant sausage. A little-camp man who loved nothing more than to play dress-up; no one could pull off nail polish like you.

Snoop you were the most nurturing boy ever. You took care of kittens, The Terrorist Twins and every tiny creature you came across. There was not a killer-bone in that beautiful body of yours. Your magic heart knew no bounds or limitations. You were a dog of impeccable standards and breeding, and we know it was all in the nose Sir Gilbert Agogo ...

Snoopy even your horrific morning breath didn't stop you being our ultimate snuggler. 

You were sensational, you were spectacular and you were one of the loves of all our lives.

Our farm, our home and our hearts will forever have a Snoopy-shaped hole in them.

We will love you forever,

Your Family.