Building for the Future at Môreson

When the vines take their much needed winter break myself, and the whole Môreson team, get down and dirty with the less than glamorous business of building and maintenance.

This year we've had a few super-exciting projects on the go. All of these projects revolve around the sustainability of our family farm. At Môreson it's our belief that our land should work, because a farm that isn't put to work is a very sad thing indeed. However the manner in which it works needs to be sustainable. I've got at least one future farmer, in the next generation, who would be utterly appalled if I didn't do my job as the third generation custodian of Môreson.  

Future farmer in the background inspecting the irrigation. His faithful sidekick is collecting feathers and eating Sour-Bess, as one does. 

With this in mind we've spent this winter upgrading our water treatment plant. By the time it goes into full operation - mid-September - we will have the most cutting edge water-treatment facility in the winelands. This includes my little passion project ... our very own wetland. AMAZING! It's going to be a sanctuary for all the beautiful animals that call Môreson home. From a dazzling array of bird species and bees to porcupines, otters, buck, lynx and many other creatures. Plus it will provide the added benefit of further filtering the already polished waste water from our new plant.  

Below are a few pictures of our process thus far including our final planting-plan for the wetland. 


We have separated our grey water, storm water and sewerage. The sewerage is now polished by that spaceship looking device in the background and the waste water, from that process, will be further filtered through our wetland. 

New pipes being laid.

The sluice gate system, up at the winery, gives us the ability to manipulate what water (storm water vs. grey water) goes where. 

The first 'digger-loader' that arrived on site to dig the enormous hole. He was unable to finish the job due to the high underground water table. The joys of building in winter. 

The second excavator finished the job.


This bad boy isn't going anywhere. 

The site for our just-under-a-hectare wetland.

The wetland planting plan.