The Bastille Voucher Debacle

  • by Nikki
  • 1 min read

At this year's Bastille Day celebrations the Môreson team, comprised of Andre and Klaas, came second in the highly competitive Barrel Rolling Competition. One of the perks of being placed in the top 3 is a prize. It's not just any prize, it's generally something quite cool. Second place, this year, won a sizeable voucher to a local restaurant. Yay for Klaas and Andre!

Last week the guys decided that it was time to cash in on their Bastille good-fortune. Klaas removed the voucher from it's envelope, called the restaurant listed on the voucher and made a booking for lunch. He then placed the voucher back in it's envelope. Andre, ever the gentleman, drove both Klaas and himself to the restaurant listed on the envelope.

The restaurant they arrived at, the one listed on the envelope, had absolutely no knowledge of the booking Klaas had made that very day. Luckily they had space and Klaas and Andre proceeded to dine out on a lavish lunch - 3 course each. Yummy. The rather large cost of the meal was of no concern, after all they had the 'sizeable voucher'.

After eating until they could really eat no more they asked for the bill. When it arrived they tried to pay with the voucher only to discover that it wasn't for the restaurant in question. The name on the outside of the envelope didn't match the name of the voucher.

I suppose, on the bright side, they still have a voucher for lunch.

Picture: The Môreson Team with Andre (middle head circled in red) and Klaas (right head circled in red)