Get Your French on in Franschhoek this weekend!

In case you didn't receive the memo we are celebrating Bastille, this weekend, in Franschhoek. The weather report promises sunshine and the marquee promises phenomenal wines and spectacular food. Brilliant!

Barrel Rolling at Bastille

CC attribution Franschhoek Wine Valley on Flickr

If you're in the marquee pop round to the Môreson stall and say hi, we'd really love to see you.

If you can't wait for tomorrow feel free to pop into the farm this afternoon. Pick up a case of wine - the Môreson Petit Verdot is drinking excellently - some of Neil's excellent charcuterie and, on your way out, you can take part in our barrel-rolling trials and team selection.

Yes Bastille, in Franschhoek, is a truly magical affair!