Neil Jewell in Australia

Neil Jewell, our favourite Charcuterie King, and his beautiful bread-baking wife – Tina – will be jetting of to Australia, from the 23rd to the 27th of June to share his passion for all things swine-and-dine related with his rather sizable Australian fan club.

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The workshops cover the making of savory French style sausage, cooked and air-dried hams, blood sausage and more. For those not into meat Tina will be running her perennially popular Bread Baking courses. So while your Mr., or Mrs., spends time discovering just how much you can do with a pig you could learn how to fill your house with that delicious freshly baked bread smell.

For more information about Neil and Tina Jewell in Adelaide, South Australia, contact: Robyn Watkins on +27 21 876 2151 / or Di Jenkins on +61 8 8211 8666 /