Made My Day

  • by Nikki
  • 1 min read

I am obsessed with design and whenever I stumble across something gorgeous and, in most cases, smile-worthy feel and overwhelming urge to share it. If it has made me this happy surely it will make you as happy? Actually I'd be OK with it making you a fraction as happy as it's made me. I'm incredibly giving that way. No need to thank me. Seriously.

I know that the link between this find and wine is not obvious but, in some way, isn't everything linked? Besides I bet there are many of you that would kill for a hat like this when you turn 50. I know I would. I also know that I'd totally wear it out for a night on the town. Like more than once.

It has to be said I CONFETTI SYSTEM. For more WOW visit their site. It is beautiful.