What’s cooking good-looking?

Clayton Reabow is his name and winemaking at Môreson is his game. You've probably tasted his wines, you could belong to his ever-expanding fan club, you might even be one of his beloved stalkers but how well do you really know the talented Mr. Reabow?

I sat down with Clayton, over a bottle of Premium Chardonnay, and asked him a few things that I've always wanted to know.

Clayton's favourite varietals?

- Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc.

Best dish on the Bread & Wine menu?

- Neil's antipasto charcuterie board. Yum!

The Môreson 2010 wine that Clayton is most proud of?

The Môreson Premium Chardonnay 2010. According to Clayton, "it is a culmination of four years of hard work that have included getting to know the vineyards and how each indiviual block needs to be treated."

For Clayton the 2010 Môreson Premium Chardonnay is the culmination of all the lessons learnt in 2007, 2008 and 2009. It possess all the best characteristics of these vintages and it is our most refined Chardonnay to date.

Insider's information … something we should all know about Clayton Reabow?

Clayton is a perfectionist. To get to the final 2010 Môreson Premium Chardonnay blend Clayton experimented with 150 different blend options. Wow!