Miss Molly Update

Our beloved Miss Molly has had a relatively exciting winter. She has dedicated a considerable amount of time to terrorizing exercising the guinea fowl and squirrels and - given that this is the only workout our squirrels seem to get - she is single-handedly keeping them in shape.

Winter was, as you can imagine, cold. So our Molly, not one for early mornings, took to sleeping in until called for lunch. After lunch she indulged herself with a spot of hole-digging landscaping and bird/squirrel boot camp and then chose to retire to the TV room couch where she enjoyed lounging for the remainder of the day.

On the wine front her range of wines have been involved in a number of charitable events including: The annual Guide Dog Ball and fund raising for various Animal's in Distress initiatives.

In addition all of your purchases of Miss Molly wines have now resulted in the full sponsorship of the training of a number of guide dogs. Well done!