Miss Molly looking for Representation in Québec or Ontario

We are looking for representation in Québec or Ontario thanks to the following piece of fan mail. If you know of anyone who would in interested in importing our Miss Molly range of wines please email us.

Our Miss Molly received the following fan mail:

Dear Miss Molly,

I am Faraud and my family enjoy your wines very much.

They even have a group of friends who would want to buy it regularly but it is so hard to get here in Québec Canada...
They have to use all kind of resources and friendly channel to get it here from Vancouver BC.  yes, across the country  ! That shows you how much they are willing to do to enjoy it.

Please miss Molly, can you help in trying to suggest an agent who would be willing to work with us in Québec, Canada or even maybe in Ontario, Canada ? Ontario is much closer than British Colombia to have it transported over here  .
Any help from you human family / business partners would be much appreciated.

Best wishes to you and your family for the upcoming New Year!


Our Molly still personally responds to all her fanmail and sent the following back to Faraud:

Dear Faraud,

Thank you for getting hold of me.

Firstly I must apologise for my human's late response. She is finding Facebook's new page layout somewhat perplexing but that still does not excuse her neglecting my fanmail. She knows how important my fans are to me and I have reprimanded her for her poor behaviour. Hopefully it will not happen again. But you and I both know how humans can be ... I think it has to do with the fact that they stubbornly refuse to walk on all-fours.

I have also requested that my humans' get in contact with some possible agents in Québec Canada or Ontario. They will keep you in the loop regarding their progress.

A friendly and heartfelt lick,

Miss Molly.

P.S. You look very dapper in your photo. I love the bow-tie.

P.P.S. How did you train your humans to behave so well? My human's are lovely but I am starting to believe that they are untrainable!