JHB we are bringing Bread & Wine and Môreson to you!

Yes JHB headlines don’t lie … this August we are bringing the magic that is Môreson and Bread & Wine to you, all for just R450 per person.

On Saturday the 24th of August 30 lucky peeps can feast on Neil Jewell’s superb food, our orgasmic bubblies and wines (let those knees go weak), Fromages de France’s sensational and sometimes stinky (in a good way) French cheeses ; and coffee by the easy-on-the-eyes Trebodore Coffee Roasters.

I managed to pull a few strings and get my hands on a preview of the Facking Fubulous Feast’s menu (pretty sure I’m going to get a big smack for that one … Ooo). I don’t want to ruin all the surprises but Neil is going to be putting a classic spin on: ham, egg and chips – AMAzing; groaning platters to share – be still my beating heart; and some kind of sweet treat – swoon.

Lodine – our cheese mavin – is whipping out all the big boys. What’s more is that they’ve all been perfectly paired with wine. OMG, get-out-of-here!

Then Michael – yet another good looking coffee roaster (what is it with coffee and hot men with stubble?) – is set to delight with some suitably impressive coffee method and fab coffee.

The feast starts at noon-sharp. It takes place at The Pudding Shop which is located at La Cucina Di Ciro43 7th Avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg.

Boom. /drops mike/ /walks off stage/.