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Môreson Vineyards

At Môreson we believe in sustainable cohabitation with our environment. Our viticultural practices are therefore all geared towards the health of our soil and greater terroir. 

Newer vineyards are all organically cultivated, while our older vineyards are being patiently converted to organic vineyard practices. Our approach to viticulture is not static, we constantly augment our practices to ensure that we are working in harmony with Môreson. 

Our Growers

Over the past 25 years we have developed long-standing relationships with select growers. These relationships have afforded us the opportunity to unpack their uniquely situated vineyards. 

Our Franschhoek Grower is located beneath the majestic Franschhoek Pass. Here vineyards reach altitudes of nearly 400m above sea level. These lofty heights are home to our site-specifc Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir vineyards. 

Our Stellenbosch grower is located in the heart of Stellenbosch town and is home to one of South Africa's best Pinotage vineyards. They have been our exclusive Pinotage growing partner for the past 20 years. 


The Noblest Cultivar: Chardonnay

The unique location of Môreson, with the Franschhoek Valley Floor terroir, has provided a superb stage - over the past 25 years - to explore and express the individuality of the Chardonnay Clone.

Môreson is home to 22-individual vineyard blocks. The smallest of these blocks is 0.1Ha and the most sizeable a mere 1Ha. The farm is planted exclusively to Chardonnay. Presently we produce our range of Chardonnay wines from 12 different clones.


The Winery

At Môreson our winemaking practices are designed to impart maximum value at every stage of our epic annual wine journey.

This journey begins with harvest where all grapes are handpicked, in 18kg baskets, and air-cooled (overnight) before pressing. Our primary ingredient, the cuvée juice, is then expressed utilising Môreson's signature light-extraction pressing technique. We then apply our minimalistic winemaking techniques, specially sourced organically-certified yeasts and other organic products.

Maturation takes place in a selection of 300L lightly-toasted French oak barrels.

All Môreson wines are sealed with individually-tested TCA-free natural corks. They are then rested for a luxurious six to 12 months period before they are released from captivity. 

The end result of this microscopic attention to detail?

Wines that perfectly capture the vintage they so elegantly aim to frame. A drinkable time capsule of the Môreson year.