Môreson Magia

Awards: Môreson Magia 2003 – gold medalist, winner of the Reidel Glass Trophy for Best Red Blend (Bordeaux-Style) the BOE Trophy for best red wine overall.

You can expect a complex character with a deep colour, elegant and layered with a manifold of fruit. The Magia is the red wine over-achiever in the Môreson Family. Awards flock to this guy like moths to a flame. A smooth drinking Bordeaux blend with loads of depth and heaps of character ensure that this wine is a show stopper every time.

Colour: Dark maroon with velvet red tinges.

Aroma:Classic cassis aromas with the hint of eucalyptus and rich blue berry fruits.

Palate: Oak spice with hints of vanilla. This rich and complex style of wine will develop over time and mature in bottle for a further 10 years.

Climate: Mediterranean

Rainfall: 700mm per annum.

Vineyards: The vineyards (from which we harvest our Magia varietals) are situated Durbanville, Stellenbosch and Paarl. The combination of warm and cool ripening conditions adds dimensional flavour and structure to the berries

Soil:The soil is clay rich.  It shows good water retention, allowing for moderate vine stress during the dry years. Soil moisture is carefully monitored, through use of a neuron meter, and it is supplemented (by drip irrigation) when required.

Vinification/Maturing:Varietals used in the Môreson Magia are harvested according to physiological ripeness. Grapes are analyzed for phenolic ripeness to ensure that there are ideal tannins to supports lengthened maturation.

All the varietals are harvested separately. In the cellar they are destemmed and then sorted on a vibrating sorting table, here any residual stems, leaves and dry berries are removed. The grapes are not crushed and this limits the damage to the berry and the extraction of unwanted seed tannins. The grapes are then cooled to 16ºC before being transferred to the open fermentation vessel. Pre–fermentation cold-soaking takes place for 48 hours after which the must is inoculated with the desired yeast strain.

During fermentation the grapes are punched down / pumped over at four hour intervals. The regular pump over regime allows us to develop a wine that has increased extraction levels and well-defined ripe tannins that contribute to lengthened barrel-maturation. On completion of fermentation the wine is left to lie on the skins for a period of two weeks. During these two weeks the wine is pumped over on a daily basis. The free run is drained and transferred to barrel and malolactic fermentation is induced.

The wine is then matured for a period of 24 months in French oak. The Cabernet Sauvignon is matured in 100 % new oak. Individual Barrels are tasted, the finest are selected and these make up the Magia blend. The blended wine is filtered and transferred to old oak barrels. Here it is allowed to complex for 1 month.