Môreson Pink

Pink is the belle of any ball and her exquisite hue conjures up romantic images of fair maidens, dashing knights and mythical dragons She’s our youthful, perfectly pink méthode cap classique and she’s completely captivating. Pink spends time on the skins, for colour, and is bottle-fermented (in the traditional manner) for at least 12 months. You can expect a rosy pink colour with flavours of freshly picked berries and an explosion of strawberry and raspberry on the palate. Wow!

Colour: A Blushing strawberry red.

Aroma: Strawberries and cream with a floral undertone.

Palate: The strawberries and cream, carried through from the aroma, are well supported by a fresh red berry palate.

Climate: Mediterranean.

Rainfall: 800ml per annum.

The Vineyards:The vineyards are situated on a Northern Slope in the Franschhoek Valley. This specific vineyard experiences cool morning conditions which result in slow ripening and better phenolic ripeness.

Soil:The soil is clay and is red in colour. It shows good water retention and the vines experience very little stress throughout the year. This reduced level of stress supports slow ripening and results in great overall grape (and later wine) flavour. The soil is carefully monitored, through use of a neuron meter, and it is supplemented (by drip irrigation) only when necessary.

Vinification/Maturing:The Pink grapes are destemmed, crushed and transferred to a storage tank for 24 hours where the skin contact is used to extract colour. A clean free-run is drained from the tank, to a settling tank, while the skins undergo a light pressing (to achieve 550l/ton). The free-run juice and pressed fraction juice are kept separate and fermented separately. Wine is racked (after completion of fermentation) and matured in the tank before final blending takes place. After blending Pink is bottled for secondary fermentation.

Maturation takes place, in the bottle on lees, for a minimum period of 12 months.

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