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Fudge | Chardonnay | Dessert Wine '15

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Before Fudge joined our band of merry Chardonnays’ we’d Cap Classique-d, Oaked, Unoaked, Amphoraed and Concreted.

In our well-documented love affair with Chardonnay the Fudge offered us a shot at an unconquered Chardonnay frontier … Dessert Wine.
A Chardonnay Straw wine, oh how they chuckled!
It was said that it could not be done. That is was a fools errand. That it was just the kind of pursuit that could easily drive a sane winemaker right into the loving embrace of a straight-jacket.
But, in our eternal quest to better understand this noble cultivar, we set out failing to heed the many, many, many warnings.
The result is a superbly structured Chardonnay straw wine is a South African first. To get our sugar levels up to a sticky level we desiccate the Chardonnay bunches - crimping their stems to cut off their water supply - and allow them to syrup up on vine for a month.  But you’ll experience no saccharine sweetness or high alcohols. This baby cruises in at a low flying 11% making it the perfect accompaniment to the end of a meal.


Our family have been custodians of Môreson for the past 35 years. Over the course of three generations this 30Ha farm, located at the end of the aptly named Happy Valley Road, has been transformed into sanctuary it is today.

Pioneers of the Wine of Origin Franschhoek (#WoOF) movement, Môreson wines have been at the forefront of putting the Franschhoek Wine Appellation on the map, both in the local South African market and abroad.

As a wine grower | producer we pride ourselves in our continued investment in the quality of our products.

“We live and die by our credo: Quality. Soul. Integrity.”