Wildcraft Gin

Orchids and Monkeys – A Worldly Affair

A Monkey from Franschhoek and an Orchid from King
Setup this small-batch distillery thing
Distilling gin from Franschhoek Chardonnay
‘Inpsired!’ The royal we was quick to say
Orchids and Monkeys know all sorts of worldly things, like precisely how to make a gin cha-ching.


Wildcraft - Equal parts fascinating and delicious.

Born out of our desire to create a distilled product that embodied the same ethos as the wines we produce: soul and integrity. All while adhering to our golden rule: zero compromise on quality.

Wildcraft - South Africa’s first ‘Root to Table’ gin  

Chardonnay from Vineyard B01, located in the heart of our Franschhoek wine estate, received the ultimate honour of being selected for exclusive use as the base-spirit in our maiden Wildcraft Equinox 79 Winter inspired gin.

We’ve then sourced the vapour-infusion ingredients from our beloved Môreson and the greater Franschhoek region. All ensuring that Wildcraft is Franschhoek’s very first Spirit of Origin.

Wildcraft – triple-distilled for the ultimate in mouth feel.

Wildcraft’s rich and buttery mouthfeel (texture) perfectly supports the underlying citrus notes. Wintery warmth is added with the slighted hint of toasted spice.

The result? A Franschhoek Gin of Origin that really captures the winter magic that is our Môreson Chardonnay maturing in beautiful French Oak.

What’s in a name? Well, everything …

Equinox 79 – the 20th of March – signifies the Autumn Equinox.

During this time our most recently harvested vintage of Chardonnay wines are elegantly maturing in our cellar.

At this time of year – the autumn equinox - our maturing Chardonnay begins to lose its primary fruit characters: lemon, lime, pear, apricot and pineapple. These are supplanted by richer and distinctly buttery secondary characteristics. The primary fruit is replaced with clear citrus notes and a warming toasty spice.  

It’s these very specific secondary characteristics that inspired the flavour profile of Wildcraft Equinox 79, our seasonally inspired winter gin.