Growing Pains

It's tempting to keep this blog just focused on the positive and beautiful. Who doesn't want to live in a make believe world?

We live in the most exquisite valley, we work in an exciting industry and, as much as we'd like to be, we're not perfect. The truth is we're a young team who has never really worked as a team. Some days we get it. These days are our favourite and we'd love to have 365 of these days every year.

Unfortunately growing is some how equated with painful, terribly awkward, moments. We all thought adolescence was over. Yay, no more cringe worthy events!

We were wrong.

Instead of boys, and girls, we have hopeless crushes on we now have crushes on customers and consumers. We try play it cool, doing all the right things to impress - but sometimes we get it embarrassingly wrong. It's a struggle to find the balance between processes and imagination and magic. Has anyone else experienced this?

Processes are needed to get the work done effectively (from start to finish). Orders don't get delivered on time and to the right place without processes. However we're not a traditional wine farm and over processing leaves no room for the exuberant.

What we're finding is that when you pack all of us, with our individual personalities, into one farm the outcome isn't always pretty. It's not that the intentions are bad or wrong, it's just they're not always team intentions. There's no room for a self-absorbed attitude. The trouble is self-absorption is a natural human state. As we are flexing, growing and working on our relationships with each other we sometimes lose sight of our most valuable relationship- our relationship with you, our customers and consumers. It becomes about being right not doing the right thing for you.

Is our passion, love and commitment enough to rise about this natural human condition?