November: The Month of MCC

November promises to be a very exciting month on this here blog. There will even be regular posting. I know, hard to believe but the best things in life often are.

Moreson MCC bottles

From now until the 7th of December we're going to be focusing on Méthod Cap Classique or MCC. Don't be fooled by our innocent demeanor. There is a crafty reason for The Month Focus – drum roll please … The majestic, the fantastic, the phenomenal Franschhoek Cap Classique and Champagne Festival or, as those in the know refer to it, The Magic of Bubbles.

The name is a tad cheesy but, as you've no doubt come to realise, most festivals have names that embrace the cheese.

We've decided that throughout this month we're going to share our MCC with you. Yay. OK we promise, no actually we swear, not to force feed it to you. If it’s getting too much perhaps we should pick a safe word, something you post in the comments to make it stop. How about sparklingwinedressedupasMCC – oh the horror! Anyway, we thought you might be interested in a little of the behind the scenes stuff. The great, the good, the not good and the plain ugly.

Expect to hear from us 3 times a week. It's OK to get excited. It’s finally time to get those hopes up.