Ms Môreson Cap Classique 2008

In the spirit of all things November and, therefore, all things Cap Classique-y we've decided to introduce you to our contestant line up.

We have three lovely ladies vying for the title of Ms Môreson Cap Classique 2008. They are, in no particular order -

Ms Blanc de Blanc

Ms Brut Rosé

And Ms Cuvee Cape


Ms Blanc de Blanc is pure Chardonnay. She describes herself as a well-balanced, everyday, R78 kind of girl. She been described by others as a timeless beauty that waltzes across your palate. She's considered to be highly intoxicating with many reporting that they fell in love after just one kiss. Quite the temptress.

How will the others stack up against this formidable contestant?

It's nail-biting stuff I tell.