Miss Molly = 1 / Vet = 0

Our famous Miss Molly had to been rushed to the vet at 10 in the evening with a Biliary scare. Unable to stand by herself she was lifted into our 4 x 4 and chauffeured - by me - to her vet in Stellenbosch.

Molly, and I am sure those of you who know her can attest to this, is not a quiet passenger. On this specific trip she insisted on backseat driving the.whole.way Every time we took a turn she let out a deathly moan and I have come to realize that she is not a fan of my driving. I'm sure she believes she could do a far better job. She is, after all, Miss Molly.

After what seemed like a longer than average trip, mostly due to the fact that Molly tried to climb onto my lap more than once, we finally arrived at the vet. Once again Molly found herself too weak to get out of the car without assistance. So her chauffeured became her lackey and carried her into the vet.

At this point in our journey Molly made a remarkable recovery. It took her a while but when she realized that we were at the vet she perked up dramatically. This, the vet informed me, is a fairly common occurrence.

During her examination our dear Molly tried to eat the very nice, and I do mean very nice, vet on three separate occasions. Embarrassingly - as Molly and I later discovered - he is a big fan of her wines. After he mentioned this very important fact Molly seemed to warm a bit. This, I think, was entirely thanks to the delicious dog biscuit she got for not eating the vet being such a brave girl.

After all of this it turned out that Molly did not have Biliary. She'd come done with a case of Garbage Disease. Which she caught from eating something that she really shouldn't have. Charming.

We left the vet - an hour later with, I think, one less fan (the vet) - and Molly had to again be lifted into the back of the car. The vet, far stronger than myself, couldn't help because  every time he approached me she tried remodel his pants with her teeth.

On the drive back to Franschhoek Molly resumed her very effective method of backseat driving and, once she got home (after she was lifted from the car), she proceeded to spend a good few minutes telling the rest of her dog family about her adventures.

No doubt she mentioned how she'd nearly eaten her first vet. This, I believe, is considered very impressive stuff in the dog world.