Miss Molly and her Family

Miss Molly is not - as some might believe - an only child. She is in fact part of a family of six other dogs. She's a very good sister and has a lot of time for her siblings (both older and younger).

We thought we'd share some of our favourite pictures of Miss Molly's family with you. They're all huge characters and somewhat responsible for Molly growing into the star she is.

Snoop - The Poop - Friedman

He is the Head Honcho. Don't be fooled by his size or charismatic grin, he's a tiger. Grrr.

Snoopy also likes to play dress up. Some of his favourite outfits include: Mountain Explorer (pictured below), Bride, Dancing Queen (with painted nails) and Dog Recovering from an Accident.

Sally - The Legend - Friedman

Sally has been a Friedman for 16 years. She's swum more swimming pool lengths than most labradors, surfed bigger waves than most men and chased many a visitor off the farm.

Sally is getting on in years and now enjoys: a leisurely breakfast in bed. and pre-cleaning the contents of a full dishwasher.

Koemba Friedman

Koemba is huge but he honestly believes that he is the size of a sausage dog. He is terrified of only one thing ... the cat, Tinkerbell.

Fudge - The Budgie - Friedman

If you've spent any time at Môreson you've probably met Fudge - The Budgie - Friedman. He's our Mr Social, a regular fixture at Bread & Wine and around the wine tasting.

He loves long romantic rides in the car, attention and making sure he is as wet as possible before he climbs onto any kind of furniture.

Lucy - The Goose - Friedman

Lucy - The Goose - Friedman is the latest Addition to Miss Molly's family. She's already a firm favourite who loves to terrorise empty coke bottles (the plastic kind), wrappers and stuffed animals.

This week she discovered her big dog bark and is now practicing on anything that moves, including Miss Molly. It's all terribly exciting!

As you can see Miss Molly's family is packed full of interesting characters. They're often two bottles short of a box but they keep her life, and our lives, very interesting.

P.S. Not pictured but just as important: Tom - The Tank - Friedman.